How much does a dental implant cost?

With the continually rising costs of health care and general dentistry practices, dental implants are not immune to the pricing structure necessary to pay for continued education and updated equipment that assure you the most comprehensive care by qualified individuals. That being said, in comparison to general dentistry rates for everyday practices like tooth removal, cleanings and even root canals, dental implants can be considered to be expensive when that option is being taken into consideration against other tooth restoration services.

Unfortunately it’s hard to give a solid average for a single dental implant cost; prices can not only vary by region, but by the amount of training that a particular implant dentistry practitioner has undergone, the amount of dental implants that are performed by a particular practitioner yearly, any complications involved in the tooth implant procedure as well as a number of other cost-effecting factors.

An estimated average for a single dental implant can cost around $4,000 in the USA – but in many cases it seems that a single dental implant can be obtained at any price, which is largely dependent on the general dentist or oral surgeon performing the dental implant as well as the current condition of the jawbone where the dental implant is to be placed.

Now, when considering the dental implant cost there are other factors that should be considered as well. A dental bridge is also a likely consideration in circumstances when a dental implant is a viable possibility. A dental bridge, however, is a short term solution in many cases, often requiring ongoing care and even replacement every 7-10 years due to the likelihood that the dental bridge will have adverse effects on teeth surrounding the bridge. In terms of averages, a dental implant is seen as a solid solution with proven, long term success rates as high as 95%. That being said, the overall long term success rate is largely dependent on your after the fact oral hygiene and whether you smoke. Smokers often have less than stellar record for dental implant failure in terms of percentages.

Another consideration added into the long term success of a dental implant is the skill level of the dentist or oral surgeon performing your implant, but due to the certifications and ongoing training required to perform dental implant surgery, this is a small factor at best in regards to the overall average success rate. The dental implant cost often reflects the ongoing training that is required for the procedure, which is partially why a dental implant can cost more than other dental procedures that more or less provide similar solutions.

As with any major or minor surgery consideration, any decisions regarding dental implant surgery should be talked over with a qualified implant dentistry professional. Not only will they be able to address any concerns or questions that you might have regarding the dental implant cost, they will be able to talk to you about other available solutions with both the pros and cons of these procedures.

All things considered, the one-time dental implant cost can often be seen as the most affordable solution for many individuals. Opting for a dental implant can likely provide a permanent solution to your problem, which can help you avoid the long term costs associated with less permanent options for tooth restoration procedures.