Dental implants – tooth restoration services

There may come a time in your life when you are considering some sort of tooth replacement surgery or tooth restoration procedure. Dental implants can help individuals who have lost teeth or had teeth removed due to an accident, gum disease or some other issue. A dental implant procedure can help you to restore your mouth to full functionality and help you to be proud of your smile once again.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement procedure that helps individuals to replace teeth that have been lost or removed due to various circumstances. The implant procedure typically starts with insertion of a titanium pin, which has a “roughed up” surface, into the jawbone; titanium is used because of its unique ability to be fused to bone, allowing for a solid setting for the replacement crown.

Dental implants are not really a new science, it’s been noted that the dental implant procedures have been performed in certain cultures as early as 600 AD. While the procedures and treatments have undoubtedly changed and improved in safety and aftercare treatment since then, it’s become apparent that dental implants are a long established medical procedure that has been embraced by several cultures, including our own today.

There are over 100 companies in the USA currently that offer dental implant services. While these services are often performed by specialists such as oral surgeons, in most cases the dental implant can be performed by even a general dentist who has been trained in the field and has the proper equipment.

Dental implant success rates

The success rates for dental implants is rather high, roughly 75%-95% of all implant procedures are successful based on a five year study. However, the overall success of the procedure is largely dependent on the surgeon’s skill as well as the jawbone structure and the patient’s oral hygiene. It has been noted that the success rate for smokers is significantly less the success rate for a non-smoker, and because of this often the dental implant surgery is put off until one stops smoking simply due to the costs involved for even a single tooth implant.

Healing time for dental implants

As one might expect, a tooth implant often requires a significant amount of “healing time”. Up until recently the normal course of a dental implant would become complete after an average duration of several months. This process would begin with the embedding of the titanium pin into the jawbone and after a couple of months a temporary crown would be placed upon the pin. Once the temporary crown had helped to “shape” the gums, so to speak, a permanent crown would then be put into place.

However, recently the success rate has increased dramatically for tooth implant procedures that are instigated immediately following a tooth extraction. Using this method the titanium pin would be put in place right after extraction and in some cases the artificial tooth can be placed at the same time; eliminating months off from the formerly regular wait period.

Whether you’ve lost a tooth or teeth to an accident or an oral disease, dental implants are a viable solution to helping you to regain what you have lost. Now, these implant procedures are not the only option, and that decision should be discussed with a dental professional to weigh out the options available to you.