Dental Implant Insurance – is there coverage for dental implants?

Dental implants can be an expensive option when you are looking to replace teeth lost due to an accident or periodontal disease, especially when you have to foot most of the cost, or even the entire cost for the dental implant procedure out of your own pocket. Dental implant insurance coverage can help you keep out of pocket costs for dental implant surgery to a minimum provided you find an insurance company that will help out with some of the costs involved.

The main problem facing people that are looking strictly for dental implant insurance is that on a large scale, it doesn’t exist. A dental implant is seen as a cosmetic improvement much like having a nose-job or tummy tuck, not as a necessary medical operation that would often be covered by regular insurances. Simply having a good dental insurance plan does not guarantee that you will have any coverage whatsoever when it comes to getting dental implant surgery. Often times within a dental insurance plan it will be expressly stated that dental implants are not covered, and this is something that you should research before seriously considering dental implant surgery, unless you are prepared to cover the costs yourself.

While there are relatively few companies that offer dental implant insurance explicitly, it is possible that some dental insurance plans will cover some of the costs associated with the work pertaining to the implant and possibly some of the aftercare, only not the implant itself.

It’s important to note that even though dental implant insurance is not widely available, it is possible that you can obtain it, to a degree. In some instances dental insurance offered for a fee or provided by employers may have the possibility of dental implant insurance coverage available; if you foresee the need for dental implants in your near future, obtaining dental insurance that covers implants to a greater extent is well worth considering. Currently there is no dental implant insurance that offers 100% coverage for dental implant services, but with the right plan you may be able to get your tooth implant surgery for considerably less money out of pocket if you just do a little digging.

Aside from dental implant insurance, there can be found numerous discount dental plans that will often times include lower rates on everyday dental procedures as well as lowering the cost of dental implant surgery significantly. Dental discount plans are not insurance, rather they offer percentage based or flat rate discount amounts on certain procedures and operations in exchange for a monthly or yearly fee. While not every implant dentistry professional will accept dental discount plans, some plans may be a solid option for you if dental implant insurance coverage is not.

Also worth mentioning are discounts that are sometimes offered by implant dentistry professionals. When considering dental implant surgery it is hard to find a suitable discount dental plan and insurance coverage for dental implants is nowhere to be found, seasonal or new customer incentives offered by implant professionals will go a long way to saving you money on your dental implants.

While dental implant insurance is a rare find, at least presently, consultation with an implant dentistry professional and your dental insurance provider can significantly increase your chances for finding a suitable insurance plan or discount plan that can help make your dental implants affordable.