Affordable dental implants – can it really be?

If you’ve done any sort of research on dental implants or dental implant surgery, you’ve likely stumbled upon, or have been earnestly searching for the exact cost of these tooth restoration services. You’ve likely come across figures that stretch in the realm of your current budget’s wildest imagination. The cold, hard truth is that these services can be affordable; dental implants really can “cost” a whole lot less than available options, all things considered. The pricing is really determined by a lot of factors; the region of the country the procedure is performed in, costs of training and equipment maintained by the implant dentistry practitioner, the amount of dental implants that the dentist or oral surgeon performs in any given year as well as any complications regarding your jawbone or jaw structure that would affect the cost of the dental implant procedure. As was mentioned before, however, the true cost of a dental implant is relative.

For instance, let’s say you’re a young individual, in your 20’s or possibly 30’s; heck, let’s say you’re 50 or younger. 50 is still young, right? Anyway, for one reason or another you have need of removing a tooth, several teeth, or you already have lost teeth due to one of life’s general mishaps. Being so young, you really want to maintain full functionality of your mouth, not to mention the emotional scarring that can take place due to missing any number of your oral digits. What are the options available to you?

You could just say, “c’est la vie” and live out the rest of your life with missing teeth. While this is a definite option, if you are in any way missing your front teeth, this in itself could take a large toll on you, not only emotionally, but financially as well. If you think you would be saving money by simply walking around toothless, chances are you’re sadly mistaken. Missing prominent teeth can lead to a poor self-image, which can have a negative effect not only in your personal and social life, but in your professional life as well. Poor job performance, depression and anxiety are all real-world possibilities of a bad self-image due to missing teeth.

You could decide to go with dentures, caps or a dental crown. Caps and crowns are unfortunately not permanent solutions to problematic teeth. While the dental crowns are a viable answer if you simply have broken teeth, or a tooth that is not so far damaged that it can’t be salvaged: feel free to ask anyone who has dealt with a cap repeatedly falling off or the long term dental crown user that has to report back to the dentist every few years due to the crown adversely affecting the surrounding teeth. Dentures, well, they have their own set of problems, mainly the constant care and the underlying fear of slippage at the worst possible time.

You could get dental implants. Dental implants are often times considered a permanent solution to the missing teeth problem. Comparatively affordable, dental implants have a documented long term success rate of over 75%, meaning that in the majority of cases while maintaining proper oral hygiene, dental implants are a life-long investment that requires only a one-time cost; relieving you of the ongoing visits to the dentist to deal with the same issue over and over again.

Affordable dental implants are not only a possibility, they are likely the most affordable and cost effective decision that you can make in terms of a long term solution to your dental issues of today.